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Mindset to Self Sufficiency 

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We have created a pilot program and implemented tools from Empath Exchange framework to develop a self sufficiency program within the city of Detroit using a Mobility Mentoring Approach . EMPath's Bridge to Self-Sufficiency is a theory of change that breaks down silos and uses a comprehensive approach to upward economic mobility.


Why Work With A Coach

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency is a special tool to chart a path to economic self-sufficiency. “The Bridge” was developed by EMPath and is backed by emerging brain science. Mobility Mentoring uses The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency in order to help families achieve long-term economic mobility.


The Bridge helps families plan, reach, and sustain their personal goals in five essential areas: family stability, well-being, education and training, financial management, and employment and career management.


The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency takes a comprehensive approach, because difficulties in one part of someone’s life can create difficulties in another. Fortunately, the opposite holds true, as well. Success in one part of someone’s life can reinforce success in another

How It Works:

Within this 10 Week Program participants will be paired with a mentor and meet  once a week to discuss areas within the Bridge to Self Sufficiency that can be improved. The mentor will discuss where the participant is currently at in life and where they are looking to go. Not only will the mentor assist the participant with creating goals and an action plan but the mentor will also be coaching on ways to help them get out of survival mode with different mindset and mindfulness techniques. 

The mentor will assist in connecting the participant to any resources that may need to help them achieve economic mobility. Mindset is the biggest thing that we want to focus on while helping our community become better individuals. We believe that being able to help participants become solution based thinkers this will help them achieve the personal and financial goals that they set for themselves.

During coaching sessions, we benchmark progress towards goals and provide incentives to help people celebrate their achievements and maintain their motivation. Our mentors also provide information for access to mental health and other health services, or referrals to other programs that meet a family’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This For:

Mobility Mentoring® is for qualifying individuals or families who have some stability in their lives and are ready to take “next steps” to move forward:

  • Individuals or families living in Metro Detroit

  • Our priority is serving low-income families

What Is The Cost:

There is no cost for qualifying families.

Where Is It Located:

TBT Location Meeting Space

We are also meeting via ZOOM or by phone calls during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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